伟德棋牌入口 is proud to play an active part in the communities in which we live and work. We have donated time and services to groups in Vancouver, Portland and Clark County.


The 伟德棋牌入口 team were excited to participate this month in the cleaning and spruce up of Esther Short Park and Propstra Square. 这是一个更大的年度社区清理温哥华市中心项目的一部分. 不幸的是,由于新冠肺炎疫情,该活动于2021年暂停. Frontier Tree Service and Landscaping were happy to be back lending a hand as part of a volunteer crew 70 citizens strong!

It was gratifying to see just how fast the work day progressed due to the large number of dedicated volunteers! 我们都努力地清除垃圾,清理苗圃和岛屿. Frontier Tree provided wood chips to mulch and add the finishing touches to the planting beds that were weeded and planted with colorful annuals.

结果是一个美丽的, 清洁温哥华市中心, 我们感谢志愿者伙伴们的大量帮助. It really feels good to be part of a community who cares about making our city a better place to live!


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On Wednesday November 14, 2018 Joe, Maria and Casey went to a hiring event for Veterans.

是的兽医 是HB2040在2015年立法会议期间发起的老兵招聘活动吗. 就业保障部, 与华盛顿退伍军人事务部合作, 商务部, 华盛顿州军事过渡委员会, 华盛顿州的社团, 以及全国各地的商会, 有合作伙伴在全州范围内发起招募退伍军人的活动吗, 支持众议院2040法案. 该法案由众议员吉娜·莫斯布鲁克提出, 通过雇佣退伍军人进入他们的劳动力队伍来认可就业.

第一次是成功的,我们能够雇用玛丽亚,一个美国.作为我们办公室的行政人员. 玛丽亚不是唯一一个为边境景观工作的老兵. 我们为我们的技工乔感到骄傲,美国.美国海军陆战队老兵,加里我们的客户经理维护,美国.美国退伍军人和我们的维修工人克里斯,他也是美国退伍军人.



The Arbor Day event that was orchestrated by the mall was the first of its kind with many more to hopefully be a continued event for years to come. Frontier tree service and 伟德棋牌入口 helped provide not only the trees that were installed but a Hands-On experience on the benefit that trees provide as well as all the aspects of properly installing a tree. 温哥华城市林业部也提供了援助. 这次活动对公众开放,商场的许多工作人员也在场. This was a great experience that brought people together for the understanding and benefits that trees provide for our Urban landscape.










The Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division has been providing food and clothing relief to Portland families and individuals in need since 1923 with a legacy of mobilizing quickly and efficiently to assist those in distress.

边疆景观公司很自豪已经养了一百六十一.为今年(2015年)的阳光分部食品运动提供5磅食物. 通过与其他团体联合, 组织和个人, 我们帮助使今年的运动取得了巨大的成功.


在去年增加了3吨食物之后, 组织者希望这次能募集到4吨或者5吨. 食物募捐活动后不久,他们报告说:

“Our goal was met and exceeded… your company deserves a big pat on the back… we received 8.2吨食物!”



照片由Marcus Griffith拍摄

温哥华最新的公共艺术品, “创始母亲,“纪念那些在历史上塑造了这个社区的女性.

The metal and stone sculpture is located at the corner of 6th and Columbia streets and represents both passion and hard work.

伟德棋牌入口 partnered with other businesses and groups in carrying out the project. 他们帮助竖立这座雕塑并为其装饰景观, 充分利用市中心一个普通的岛屿.

这座由金属和石头组成的雕塑高达12英尺, open-ended heart representing the open hearts of the women who’ve served tirelessly to make a better community. It is anchored by a large boulder reflective of the solid foundation these women laid and the grounding and balance it takes to create real change.


战场老兵纪念碑地面退伍军人纪念碑于11月19日落成. 2015年11月,在全军仪仗队的护卫下. 退伍军人及其家属, Boy Scout troops and hundreds of others gathered at its resting place in Kiwanis Park to honor the sacrifice made by 31 veterans from the Battle Ground area whose names are engraved on a curving stone wall that is beautifully landscaped and maintained.

地面战斗公园 & 娱乐部门花了六年时间筹集42美元,建造纪念馆需要1万美元,这些钱都来自捐款. 伟德棋牌入口 joined forces with nearly three dozen local contractors and vendors who donated time, 劳动, 使项目成为现实的伟德官方入口和/或材料. 它现在是一个私人反省或其他纪念退伍军人的地方.


伟德棋牌入口 installed an irrigation system for the 动物保护协会 for the dog run area called: “Freedom fence”


Vancouver’s 城市林业部门 facilitates an active integrated program that seeks to maximize the aesthetic, 树木为城市居民和游客提供环境和经济效益.


哥伦比亚弹簧 is composed of 100 acres of urban natural area where kids and grown-ups learn about the natural world and stewardship. 活动包括K-12实地考察、夏令营和工作坊. We seeded the expansive lawn where school groups and other visitors can picnic and play.


伟德棋牌入口 is proud to pitch in with many other community members and groups in carrying out Vancouver Downtown Association’s annual spring clean-up. 我们的几个组员自愿抽出时间帮助清理倒下的树枝, 整洁的花盆箱和更多的东西,帮助把所有东西都收拾得整整齐齐,迎接夏季!


通过温哥华市区协会的合作, 温哥华和C-Tran, this former C-Tran bus stop at 7th and Main was transformed into a landscape of sustainability and urban beauty.


Greencare部队的 is a nationwide outreach program coordinated by Project EverGreen in which local lawn and landscape firms volunteer to help maintain green spaces for families whose primary provider is serving overseas.


提供住所的非营利组织, food and emergency services through four shelters to assist people in getting back into permanent housing and mitigate the factors that lead to homelessness.


华盛顿州温哥华10号街区.We installed and maintained a landscape on 10块 (also called Heritage Square)  on Washington Street between 8th and 9th. The then-vacant city block was revitalized into a temporary park until an owner and improvement plans were in place.


在2006年的夏天, 我们有独特的机会参加HGTV的景观设计挑战. We were selected to install a landscape, which Gregg and Ellis Landscape Designs had created. The Kirby’s yard was transformed into an outdoor family living space with areas created for each family member. 这些区域包括一个正式的铺路石通道和庭院, 天然石材露台和带有大型座位巨石的火坑, 天然的石头吊床露台, 播放设备, 花园和新草坪. 这次经历是非常有趣和有益的.


通过拥护品德的美德, 勇气和忠诚胜过仅仅是运动, Little League looks to develop citizens who in turn will find ways to better their community as they grow.


We were honored to receive the “Albina Fuel Award – Outstanding Corporate Partner” from the Vancouver Downtown Association (VDA). 他们的使命, 我们支持哪一个, 是为了振兴和加强我们更大的市区社区. 在过去的几年里, 我们与VDA合作开展志愿者工作, designing and installing new landscapes and offering maintenance services for downtown parks.